Patrick R. Galloway

Gazetteer Turkey

To go directly to the Gazetteer, click here. To learn more about the Gazetteer, read on.

The gazetteer includes:
1. Place name, in alphabetical order
2. Place name, alternative spelling
3. Designation code DSG (type of place, e.g., mountain, populated place, ruin, etc.).
4. Administrative district code ADM1 (e.g., province code).
5. Latitude (degrees, minutes, seconds)
6. Longitude (degrees, minutes, seconds)

To locate a place on a topographic map, find its latitude and longitude using the gazetteer or your GPS device. Go to the Key map and click on the appropriate latitude-longitude square. Note that latitude is the first blue number and longitude is the second blue number. They represent the lower left (southwest) point on the square. This takes you to a TPC map which is scaled in minutes. Note that the area shown on a TPC map page is always one degree latitude by one degree longitude. Click on the appropriate square. This takes you to the Soviet topographic map, which shows degrees, minutes, and seconds and allows you to precisely locate the place.

Note that some minor places in the Gazetteer will not be on the maps. Some minor places on the maps will not be in the Gazetteer. The two sources are different. Also note that places can change their names.

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